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Our goal is to translate your business to the Web.
Having a web presence will be critical to your future success. To get you up and running, we target four areas: functionality, image, budget, and new technology.

We will ensure that your web site presents your product, be it information, services, or merchandise, in a straightforward, yet intuitive manner.

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The look and artistic design of your site is very important to us. We will translate your image to the World Wide Web. We believe every company is unique and that their web presence should reflect this uniqueness. We don't think that "cookie-cutter" sites are the answer. Your image does not end with your logo; it just begins there. We take all our impressions, your print materials, your logo, and come up with a web look that fits who you are.

We believe in working within your budget. We will often recommend that you do the site in stages. This allows you to add to and expand the site over a period of months or years as your budget permits, and as ideas for your web site evolve. And we'll be honest about the costs and what your web site needs. For instance, we won't tell you that you need Flash animation when GIF animation will do and will cost less.

We stay current on web trends and new technologies so you don't have to. If there is one constant to the internet, it's that it is always changing. New software, hardware, and programming languages continue to be developed. It's our job to let you know when one of these new options would be right for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us toll free at 866.43inbox or email us at: info@inbox-media.com


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