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Generating or re-qualifying email addresses is just the beginning
Permission-based email marketing starts by acquiring email addresses from willing prospects and customers. By attracting opt-in participants, you’re not just acquiring names and addresses—you’re building relationships. Ultimately, that creates customer loyalty and builds your brand in the minds of consumers. Inbox-media can help you capture visitors to your web site and provide other tools for gathering this valuable data.

Custom Web Applications
Customized surveys, contests, forms and newsletters are ways to capture addresses and data for your audience. Inbox-media can design and deploy forms and applications that collect this information and give you options to keep customers engaged and returning to your site.

Viral Marketing
People love emailing their friends, family and co-workers. Called viral marketing because it spreads like the flu, this is an effective technique for building awareness. Inbox-media can create referral-based campaigns that let them easily tell others about your offers. Combined with Flash animations, online contests or sweepstakes, you can harness the power of viral marketing to promote your company.

Target marketing
By culling existing email addresses, adding associated demographics and qualifying the new set, you created highly targeted campaigns. Inbox-media can re-qualify existing marketing data in almost any format and produce a list that generates more results from old data.

Click Here to view a walk-through to see how you can communicate with and acquire new customers through email lead forms.



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